Thursday, June 6, 2013

Abstract Painting COLLAGE Method

Abstract Painting
using a magazine collage as your inspiration
Student work (high school introductory art)

Wow...We just finished our abstract paintings using the method demonstrated in a video featuring insrtuctor Jim Cogswell from the University of Michigan School of Art and Design (Great School!). Students created a collage from magazine cutouts, then used the collage as a guide for their painting. The college level paintings are large, thoughtful works of art that are an inspiration to my younger students. After watching the video we all want to take Jim's class!

My high school students LOVED this method. Very often, they simply don't know where to begin with abstract design. Show your students this fascinating video and watch the masterpieces unfold before your very eyes!
Because my high school students are at an introductory level, I have slightly amended the process  described in the video to provide a little more direction for students who lack painting experience. I have found my students garner more success when they pre-plan a color scheme. I also introduce the concept of symbolism by requiring students to describe a theme or mood they wish to invoke. The theme should be a short 1- 5 word description or title such as 'summer', 'explosion', or 'hot meets cold'.
High school student work:

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