Tuesday, February 3, 2015

CHICAGO A View From My Room



A View From My Room


It's no secret that I love Chicago. New York and Paris are lovely...but lack the charm that a good 'ol Midwestern big city offers. The people are so....Midwestern. The city is big...but not overwhelming. The art museum is my favorite, and I've been to quite a few. We go often and always request 'a room with a view'. While this is not the most spectacular view we have had, it did provide a nice opportunity to take these photos. I took them as the sun was rising, so in the reverse order as shown. It was a beautiful way to start the day....

Monday, February 2, 2015

PAPER ROSES from old book pages

Paper Roses

made from vintage children's book pages 

I created some paper roses recently for a baby shower I was hosting. The theme of the shower was 'Vintage Children's Books'. Colorful mid-century picture books were clustered together to form centerpieces on tables covered with brightly flowered tablecloths from the same era. The paper roses, with gently curled petals stacked on a wooden skewer, were placed in teapot vases and added interest as well as aesthetics to the d├ęcor. Instructions are below....


Cut several squares of paper from the book pages. You can make your roses more or less dense depending on how many layers of petals you create. In this sample, I have created 5 layers of petals.
Fold the paper square as shown in top row of instructions below. Repeat for each petal layer as shown in the bottom row. When you cut off some petals, be sure to leave about a half inch tab remaining on one side so you can glue it to the adjacent petal as shown.

Apply glue to each side of the tab and petal you will adhering together.

Wrap the stamen strip around skewer first. Use masking tape to secure the paper to the skewer .

 Secure each petal layer to the skewer with masking tape.
Secure base and leaves with glue.
Spray with clear glaze if desired.