Thursday, January 3, 2013

50's Vintage Style

Vintage Design

I've always loved vintage designs, especially those from the 50's. Teacups, aprons, baking cookies....just thinking about it gives me the warm fuzzies.
The styles worn by the era's most elegant ladies are captivating. Have you ever watched a film made in the 50's and noticed how ridiculously tiny the waistlines are? Impossibly small! I can only imagine how tightly those ladies were packed into girdles. I recall my own mother wearing one. Today's SPANKS couldn't hold a candle to the holding power of 50's era girdle!
After looking through some old sewing patterns I came up with this idea for an acrylic painting. It was so much fun to create I think I will work on a whole series!

Chicago Navy Pier Christmas 2012

Christmas in Chicago 2012
Visiting Chicago during the holiday season is sure to be a memorable experience. There is so much to do and see in the windy city. At Navy Pier you will find a spectacular 'Winter Wonderland' complete with rides, games and even ice skating. Plan on seeing over-the-top holiday decorations such as the massive red tree in the background of this picture. I'm not sure of the height, but I would guess it was about 50 ft. tall! There was a small kiddy train that rode around the tree with some very happy little riders! There is a fee for rides and activities but simply walking around and enjoying all the gorgeous decor is absolutely FREE.
Stained Glass Exhibit at Navy Pier (year-round)
Once you've had your fill of the Winter Wonderland, head towards the end of the building to see the display of stained glass windows. It is a huge, permanant collection of some of the most beautiful stained glass you will ever see. You will find traditional religious designs as well as modern, artistic works of art. Colors, Craftsmanship and Creativity all vie for your attention during a leisurely stroll through this FREE exhibit.