Sunday, November 18, 2012

Vintage Christmas Cards

It's time to start addressing those Christmas cards! These are a few I've had stashed away for years. I find it interesting that color schemes and design concepts contribute so much to defining an era.

These adorable choir boys are another favorite vintage accent. They add a touch of cheerful nostalgia amidst my nature-inspired holiday decor.

Scarves: Organize.

Love, love, love my scarves. The problem is there are so many of them and they are hard to keep organized. A few days ago I was cleaning out my closet and came up with a solution. I had some old purses that were going in the trash.  I cut the straps off a leather purse. The 15" straps have a sturdy metal ring at either end. I slipped the rings over the pegs on a coat rack hanging in my mud room. I can easily stack more scarves by opening the loop, draping the scarf over the others and replacing the ring back on the peg. Voila! Problem solved.

Monday, November 5, 2012

More TEA anyone?

I was digging through a folder full of photo's I took over the summer but never got around to sorting. I am reminded how much I love teacups and saucers. So delicate, so feminine, so lovely to behold. Gone are the bright hues of summer and the warmth of the sun, but my teacups still smile from their little perch as happy as always.
I made the teacup sconces by painting and collaging on some old style wall candle holders. They look great with some votives glowing from within.

Nature Inspires Art

I'm not surprised that artists are often nature enthusiasts as well. When we observe the world around us we are inspired by the beauty that lies hidden in our midst.
I can always count on nature to provide me with a bounty of photo opportunities. The challenge to create art inspired by my photos is always intriguing. What artistic challenge do these images present for you?