Sunday, January 29, 2012

Children's Illustration Art Blog

I love children's books and the art that's in them. Finding people who share my passion for children's lit. is not difficult. But finding a blog as entertaining, interesting, funny and well...downright BRILLIANT as this one is very rare. The site is called Seven Impossible Things Before Breakfast. The author, Jules, writes with a wit and clarity that exceeds the norm. She is a former librarian with a highly refined knack for finding the best quality children's lit. on the market. But what I really love about Jules style is the way she interviews her guests (mostly children's book illustrators). The interview always begins with a cup of virtual coffee to give the reader a chance to get cozy with the surroundings. Fascinating stuff. Lots of images and links to go along with the interview. I am always left feeling inspired. Jules is my blog hero.

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