Thursday, June 6, 2013

Collaborative Art Project PUZZLE PIECE

If you're looking for a classroom project that will teach your students about mixing colors, accurately drawing what they see, collaborating and having FUN this project is for YOU! 

1. You will need TWO identical posters. Cut one of the posters up into same-size rectangles (squares). I cut my poster up into 30 pieces. Each piece is exactly 4" x 3". I laminated the poster before I cut it up.
2. Use a permanant marker to write the number of each rectangle on the backside in sequential order.
3. Cut  rectangles of paper that are larger than the poster piece, but of the same proportion. I made my drawing paper rectangles exactly 6" x 5.5", which is 50% larger than the poster pieces. I could have made them the same size as the poster piece, but then the kids might try to trace the design....that's too easy!
4. Make sure your second, intact poster is not in view so the students won't know what they are drawing.
5. Give each student a puzzle piece and piece of drawing paper. Have them write the number on the backside of their drawing paper. Discuss methods of drawing accurately.
5. Suggest that they hold the puzzle piece next to their drawing to compare if the color they put down is accurate. Modify as needed. Lots of problem solving will be going on. Remind them to add the complimentary color to tone down colors that are too vibrant.
6. Hang a large sheet of paper on the wall. (You will have to do a little math to figure out what size you will need). Glue piece # 1 in the upper left corner and continue gluing pieces in order as they are completed. (this is why you want the fast kids to take the first numbers)
7. As more pieces are added and  the artwork evolves, have the kids guess what it is. Finally, the last rectangle is glued down and you can show them the original artwork uncut poster.
8. Compare the two artworks and discuss the variety of colors, shapes and lines perceived by each individual.

Original poster 'Flowers in the Night' by Gabriele Munter 1941

Student Work    High School Introductory Art Class Collaboration

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