Thursday, May 16, 2013

BEE Cake Pop

I wish I could credit the creator of this adorable BEE Cake Pop, but alas, it was a gift and I don't know where it came from! It was BEELICIOUS! And, an inspiration!

I tried my hand at making some (below)... a little more practice will make perfect, but I was pleased with my first attempt. I got some good advice from my daughter, who had made cake pops before. She suggested I freeze the cake pop for about 15 min. prior to dipping. Also, I dipped the stick in the melted frosting before poking it into the cake ball. I used one bag colored candy melt wafers plus one TBLS. shortening and melted in a glass measuring cup placed in a pan of nearly boiling water. For the cake balls I used as little frosting as possible to make the cake crumbs stick together. This method worked very well for me....none of the balls fell off the sticks and the frosting went on very smooth when dipped, spinned and quickly placed on wax paper.

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