Thursday, May 16, 2013

Sugar Cookies with Marbelized Frosting

Decorating these sugar cookies using a marbelizing technique was a GREAT activity for the end-of-year party for ART CLUB students. I made the cookies and frosting ahead of time. After a 5-minute demo the kids went wild experimenting with the designs they could create by simply dragging a toothpick across the surface of the' royal icing' frosting.

2 TBLS. Meringue Powder *
3 Cups Powdered Sugar
4 TBLS. Warm Water
Mix at medium speed for 10 minutes

* Meringue Powder is powdered egg whites with minimal additives used to increase shelf life. If you don't have merinque powder you can use one egg white for each TBLS of meringue powder. Of course, you will reduce the water needed to create a frosting texture that is slightly thicker than Elmers glue. The frosting will dry hard within a few hours. It can be stored in a sealed container in refrigerator.

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