Wednesday, November 4, 2015

Island Life....minutes from mainland.

Somehow, time passes slower on an island. The waves and the breeze seem to drag each second a little bit longer and smoother. The energy that drives us on the mainland dissolves into a gentle cadence that is easy to follow. 'Island time' is measured on clocks with slow faces.

I was lucky enough to spend time on two islands this year. First, on Harsens Island, a little known haven located less than an hour from Detroit and a stone's throw from Canada. Most of the businesses are located on one short block in the 'downtown' area of Sans Souci. This is not a tourist destination. This is a quiet place for those looking to take meandering bike rides down winding dirt roads or relax in a lounge chair while watching giant freighters stream down the St. Clair river, which separates the U.S. and Canada. Harsens Island is surrounded by the amazing crystal clear waters of Lake St. Clair which means fishing, swimming and boating are a big part of life on the island. To get to Harsens you must take a ferry. The ride across is only about 2 minutes, but once you land on the island you will think you are hundreds of miles away from the hustling, bustling life on the mainland.

Harsens Island  MI



The second island I visited was Hilton Head, in sunny South Carolina. What a special place! Immediately one senses that this is an island that is easy to fall in love with. City planners have done an excellent job of keeping the local environment genuine while providing the conveniences of shopping, hotels and restaurants. The beach....the view.....the giant oaks dripping with moss...everything was so pleasant and relaxing I didn't want to leave!

Hilton Head Island   SC


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