Sunday, March 26, 2017

In the Classroom-Artist Trading Card Project

Students Share Art Their Art With Others


ATC's are a fun way to get the year started with a small, but meaningful project. It's also a great filler project when you have just a couple of days to work on art. I like to choose a loose theme, such as ' My Community' , then allow students to explore their own interpretation of what that means to them.
We share our ATC's with other classes within our district as well as in other states and countries.
To learn more about ATC's in the classroom visit"
and check out this article in
ARTS and ACTIVITIES magazine for art educators December 2011

The theme of this ATC lesson was to pull two words from a hat and create art depicting those words. This student got BALLOON and TORNADO
 The ceramics students make ATC's...with Clay!

 For this project I had ceramic students make an abstract art paper collage first,
then replicate it using clay.


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