Tuesday, July 5, 2016

Turkey, Cheese, Artichoke and Pesto sandwich in MAINE

A Great Sandwich Combination...turkey, artichoke, cheese and pesto!

While visiting Camden, Maine one sunny day, we came across a great deli that served outrageously delicious sandwiches.

 It is called THE CAMDEN DELI website and the view from our upper deck table was as good as it gets.

The prices were reasonable and the staff was very pleasant. We will definitely return when we travel through Camden again! In the meantime, I had such a craving for a sandwich like the one I ordered that I gathered similar ingredients and made a knock off sandwich that is slightly different, but every bit as scrumptious.

I entered the ingredients into a website calculator and used a photo imaging program to paste the image of my sandwich together with the nutrition label. It's high in protein (20 g) but I will have to figure out how to reduce those carbs just a bit before I can add it to my  low carb diet plan! (is it possible to slice a bagel thin in half?)  :)

EDIT: I found a great solution to the carb. problem. It's  HEALTHY LIFE brand Sourdough bread. Tastes great! 16g carbs and 70 calories for 2 slices. (that is 8 carbs and 40 calories LESS than the bagel thins...therefore this sandwich is 310 calories and 23 carbs)

Cooking directions:
Butter a skillet, brown both sides of the bread/bagel thin and warm the turkey. Place turkey, Havarti cheese, artichokes and a dollop of pesto on bottom slice. Cover with the top slice and heat until cheese is melted.

Besides EATING, we enjoyed touring and hiking throughout the beautiful coast of Maine, including Acadia National Park.

We took a boat tour, which I highly recommend. Although it does seem it would be 'touristy' it was far from it. Highly educational and interesting! We learned about history, ecology, geography and of course, lobsters. Plus, there is no other way to see the sights (seals on rocky islands, the lighthouse on the state quarter, etc.) or travel to smaller island unless you take a boat!

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