Wednesday, July 16, 2014

Versatile 'Vide Poche' Catchall Trays

We all have a need for a
 'vide poche' (French for...'empty pockets') 
to place your keys, loose change, rings, etc. These versatile ceramic trays
play a practical role as well as serving as decorative accents in any room. Each vide poche is custom made. No two are alike.
Approximately 4"x5"
Impressions made with lace, items from nature, custom made stamps
Birds and Bees on the rim add interest
Dark glaze is painted on then gently wiped off with a sponge
Thin coats of colored glaze are added
Final step...Clear coat of glaze for added shine

or send a comment to me (link at bottom of page) for inquiries on orders of 10 or more.

I kept hearing about this AWESOME soap store in downtown Rochester (Michigan) and had to go see for myself. My daughters and friends had all mentioned to me that they used products from MOONRIVER Soap Company and were amazed with the quality of the products. Well, it ends up that the soap they make (and all of their other products) really ARE incredible! I don't know what kind of magic they perform when they make these soaps, but they are absolutely the BEST soaps I have ever used. I especially like the 'nitty gritty' soap because if feels good as it gently exfoliates. It has a super fine grit in it. I have now tried lots of other scents and am so impressed with how this stuff makes my skin feel (soft and moisturized) that I have truly become a MOONRIVER soap junky.
A coworker and my daughter tell me the lip balm is the best they ever used. I bought the bug it for my little grandchildren. Everything is safe and natural. These folks know how to make Soap!!!
Yes, they ship their product.Check them out here.....

The casual atmosphere of the store as well as a wide variety of products makes no-pressure shopping a pleasure.  After a few visits I realized my ceramic 'style' is a good match for the décor of the Moonriver Soap store. I asked the owner if she would be interested in selling my 'vide poche' trays as ceramic soap dishes in her store. So happy she said yes! Here are a few...


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