Saturday, February 23, 2013


Spring doesn't just pop out overnight here. It creeps in rather slowly. Sometimes, we get a little 70 degree surprise to remind us that winter really is coming to an end. The next day it could be snowing and 20 degrees. Mother Nature certainly has a sense of humor. She also has a way with color in early spring. She likes little touches of it here and there. Just like the 70 degree surprise that is gone before you can say 'Spring has Sprung!' She tosses in a little dab of blue...I think she likes blue the most...amidst the brown and gray. By the time green and yellow arrive we know that spring really has sprung!
 Hello Scilla!
 She returns every year, with her man in tow. She will be here by Easter.
They live a good life in the pond out back.
 Spring has sprung!
Stretch out those leaves...spring is finally here!

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